The Keiryo Packaging Operational team deals with the day-to-day activities of the company, across all aspects of its operations.

Yes, being a startup, we still make our own coffee!

Meanwhile we engage with our Partners on the various activities of the Partnership program, ensure that our patent positions are progressing optimally, and manage all interactions with our external expertise providers.

No, certainly not. The internal core team covers the essential functional areas which are required at the current stage of our company’s development.

Additionally, Keiryo Packaging has established fee-for-service agreements with various external expertise or competence providers, who complement the internal competencies already present within the Operational team.

Keiryo Packaging is always open to the idea of integrating specific expertise fields which are not yet covered by our Operational team and/or our outsourced service providers.

Please feel free to get in contact if you believe you have expertise in an area that might be of interest to us.

The Strategic Committee is composed of representatitives of our key shareholders. It provides guidance on the overall direction the company is taking and governs any strategic decisions likely to impact the mid- to long-term future of Keiryo Packaging, including - but not limited to - decisions impacting the patent portfolio and approval of Partnerships deals.

The members of the Strategic Committee also interact with the Partners wherever appropriate.

The Strategic Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis as required by the context or governance principles of Keiryo Packaging.