There are many different sustainability initiatives ongoing in the polymer supply chain. However, many of them structurally inflate the operational cost basis and/or require substantial capital outlay for the implementation. The potential environmental sustainability is therefore not matched by economic sustainability.

Keiryo Packaging intends to bring forward an accessible, low-cost and globally applicable processing solution that can be embedded in the conventional polymer supply chain. This couples environmental and economic sustainability, ensuring full relevance for the sustainability agenda of the polymer industry.

Building an appropriate set of responses to the environmental challenges has become part of the overall brand equity and will impact on future business viability. All stakeholders inside the plastic supply chain will benefit from further reductions in the environmental impact of the plastic materials utilized.

For resin manufacturers, opportunities exist to rationalize the SKU portfolio, thereby improving yield and profitability, by shifting the performance differentiations from the polymer composition to the downstream processing. Polymer convertors will be able to improve supply operations while providing their clients, the non-durable consumer goods brand owners, with highly desirable sustainability improvements.

The essence of the KP Technology - installing polymer melt ordering - is based on molecular dynamics which are present with all polymer types, albeit at different expression levels. So although the specific execution might differ between different polymer systems, the application of the KP Technology is relevant to both conventional, oil-based polymers and polymers which are partially or fully made from lasting resources.

This means that the KP Technology is compatible with the transition cycle from linear to circular packaging materials. Moreover, the specific execution of the KP Technology for Injection Stretch Blow Molding and Direct Injection applications facilitates the increased utilization of recycled content and offers opportunities to reduce the overall adoption costs associated with fully bio-based materials.

Keiryo Packaging is reviewing various supply models and will decide how exactly to bring its Technology to market once the development cycle has been fully completed.

One guiding principle concerns technology proliferation: Keiryo Packaging will seek to enable maximum access to its Technology, while fully respecting any commercialization agreements it has entered into with its Partners.