Keiryo Packaging has both a number of approved national patents and various pending patent applications. Given the global nature of the packaging industry, Keiryo Packaging has established a broad geographical patent coverage for its technology basis. Specific details on the legal status of the patents and patent applications can be found on the Patents page of our website.

Aside from our various IP assets, Keiryo Packaging also holds proprietary know-how which has intentionally not been converted into patent claims.

The ongoing management of our patent portfolio has been entrusted to Business Integrated Intellectual Property (B.I.I.P.), a Brussels-based IP management firm headed by Marnix Moens. Given the strategic importance of IP for Keiryo Packaging, Marnix is a member of both the Operational Team and the Strategic Committee at Keiryo Packaging.
The granting of any license to the KP Technology, whether covered by the KP Patents or in the form of proprietary know-how, will always be reviewed within the context of our Partnership Program. Please contact us to discuss this further.
As this patent has not yet been published, Keiryo Packaging cannot publicly disclose any information on the matter.