Keiryo Packaging was incorporated in late 2014 by a group of professionals with extensive experience of the beverage industry. They are firmly convinced that the plastic packaging supply chain needs to substantially improve its commercial and environmental sustainability.

Given the market constraints, it is essential to achieve this objective while avoiding the need for ever-greater technological sophistication and the associated increase in operational costs and/or capital requirements.

Achieving this goal therefore requires the development of a transformational plastic processing technology which can easily be accommodated into the global packaging supply chain.

Keiryo Packaging has created a disruptive polymer processing technology based on cutting-edge yet well-founded polymer rheology science.

The operational implementation and roll-out of this disruptive technology maximally leverages available industrial manufacturing assets already in use inside the plastic conversion supply chain.

Incumbent supply chain parties rely partly on technology startups to bring forward novel opportunities.

Keiryo Packaging’s technology offers opportunities to each constituent of the plastic supply chain, whether resin manufacturers, convertors or brand owners. The difference comes from taking a holistic approach to the sustainability challenges which each of these parties is facing and providing affordable solutions based on technology disruption.

The technology disruption results from the combined effects of leveraging the potential of polymer melt ordering and the utilization of 3D metal printing technology, which enables its operational reduction to practice.

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