Keiryo Packaging recognizes that the development and implementation of a disruptive processing technology requires the active support of the various supply chain constituents. Packaging sustainability is a goal that concerns all parties to the supply chain, which therefore creates a natural alignment of interests across parties.

Keiryo Packaging has actively engaged with various Partners who share our goals and are keen to make a valuable contribution to the further development and implementation of this disruptive technology. In turn, Keiryo Packaging is attentive to the realistic expectations of prospective Partners.

Please refer to the Partner Page of our website for further details on how you can become a Partner to Keiryo Packaging.

Given the scope and breadth of the plastic supply chain and the number of incumbent companies operating within it, Keiryo Packaging has implemented a systematic approach to the Partnering selection process. This process provides clarity for each of the parties involved and avoids valuable time being lost in non-productive interactions.

Keiryo Packaging prefers to be explicit upfront, so that any resulting Partnership is grounded in a common vision and shared interests - essential components of a mutually trustworthy relationship.

Please refer to the Partnership Page of our website for specific details of the Keiryo Packaging Partnering process.

Being a Partner to Keiryo Packaging immediately provides a front-row seat to the continued development of the KP Technology, which triggers first-mover advantages for market implementation. In addition, Partner development programs are specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of the Partner.

The specific Terms & Conditions are subject to individual discussions, which are part of our overall Partnership approach.

Yes, we have. Our technology has captured the interest of all constituents of the plastic packaging supply chain, which has resulted in several partnership deals with major producers/users of plastic packaging.

For contractual confidentiality reasons, Keiryo Packaging does not disclose the identity of its Partners at this point in time.