How to become a partner
Keiryo Packaging has already entered into a number of Partnership agreements. Becoming a Keiryo Packaging Partner is easier than you might think!

Step 1


Contact us to find out whether and how the KP Technology can be relevant for your plastic applications. We will be happy to discuss your situation and needs either via online dialogue or in a face-to-face meeting if appropriate.

Given our broad patent position, we can accommodate these initial exchanges without the need for confidentiality provisions.

After our initial dialogue, you will be able to tell us whether our technology could be relevant for your plastic applications and whether you would be interested in continuing the discussions.

Step 2


Great! Our initial discussions have confirmed potential interest in our Technology for your plastic applications.

In order to facilitate the exchange of further confidential information, we will set up the appropriate legal confidentiality agreement.

The goal of our continued discussions is to establish your specific field(s) of interest and establish the terms & conditions which will govern our collaboration.

Step 3


Super! We’ve reached initial alignment on both the scope of our collaboration and the key terms & conditions.

Now, let’s get the lawyers involved so as to transpose our understanding into the first draft of a formal agreement. The draft agreement will cycle back and forth, but we’ll keep the focus on the goal(s) of our collaboration.

After the required iteration cycles, a final agreement should emerge which both parties feel comfortable about signing.

Step 4


We’re going ahead!

We’re now officially collaborating in order to exploit the benefits of the KP Technology for your plastic packaging applications within the framework of the terms & conditions agreed to in the signed agreement.

Our joint team will now start working together to carry out the mutually agreed actions.