Keiryo nominated as finalist for the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2022

The 2022 Sustainability Awards organized by Packaging Europe have nominated Keiryo as a finalist is the ‘Driving the Circular Economy (pre-commercialized) category.
‘We are very pleased to have been nominated as a finalist to the Sustainability Awards 2022’  says Johan Robbrecht, Managing Partner of Keiryo Packaging’,

‘The Keiryo technology is currently undergoing a cycle of trials in an industrial setting. The aim of these trials is to define the full scope of the sustainability gains that can be yielded when using the Keiryo technology to manufacture PET bottles.
Whether it is through light weighting, enabling a higher uptake of recycled content or purifying waste streams by reducing the use of additives, the Keiryo technology will be a great accelerator of the Circular Economy for PET bottles.
The ongoing trials demonstrate a steady progress towards these goals, therefore it is a great recognition to have been nominated’.


Keiryo Packaging Technologies is developing a patented polymer processing technology that is cost efficient and highly scalable. Keiryo uses a 3D printed insert that can be retrofitted on existing Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) machinery to introduce a controlled mechanical energy into the polymer melt during its processing. Consequently, the molecular organization of the polymer melt is altered with the creation of flow-enhanced morphological structures. These structures improve the end performances of the polymer article being produced.  This enables light weighting, better barrier performance and improved mixing of virgin and recycled material. In doing so the Keiryo Packaging Technology improves the environmental sustainability of polymer-based packaging.
Keiryo Packaging Technologies is incorporated in Luxemburg and headquartered at 488 route de Longwy, Luxemburg.

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Keiryo ramps up its engineering capacity: Dr.Edyta Niemczyk appointed Engineering Team Lead

Edyta Niemczyk joins Keiryo Packaging Technologies as Engineering Team Lead. She will coordinate the overall engineering workflow thereby ensuring proper implementation of our different development tracks.

Keiryo Packaging Technologies raises 1M€ seed capital to accelerate the engineering development phase of its sustainable PET bottle manufacturing process.

The Keiryo Packaging technology modifies the morphological structure and performance of polymers during the injection process.

Philippe Blonda to lead Keiryo’s Business Development

Phillipe Blonda will be in charge of business development and new technology partnerships for Keiryo.