Keiryo ramps up its engineering capacity: Dr.Edyta Niemczyk appointed Engineering Team Lead


Dr.Edyta Niemczyk joins Keiryo Packaging Technologies as Engineering Team Lead. She will coordinate the overall engineering workflow thereby ensuring proper implementation of our different development tracks.

Edyta completed her PhD in chemistry at the University of Luxemburg and holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Technology and Polymer Materials Engineering from Rzeszow University of Technology (PL). Prior to joining KP she worked for the Luxemburg Institue of Science and Technology (LIST), where she completed the experimental part for her PhD. During her PhD project Edyta focused on the formation of Interpenetrating Polymer Network architecture, and its further in-depth chemical, thermal and morphological characterization. Edyta will be based in our Luxemburg offices and coordinate the development work currently ongoing with our science and technology partners.

‘Since the beginning of my career, I focused my attention on means to improve the efficiency of the polymers. The pathway developed by Keiryo to enhance the performance of polymers by altering the crystallinity process holds great promise and I am very excited to be part of the Keiryo adventure’, says Edyta.

‘Keiryo is entering the engineering phase of its growth and we are very pleased to have Edyta joining us to coordinate the various development programmes that we are running with our different science and technology partners.’  Says Johan Robbrecht, Managing Partner of Keiryo. ‘Her contribution will be critical in putting together all the components of our groundbreaking technology.’.


Keiryo Packaging Technologies is developing a patented polymer processing technology which introduces well-designed mechanical energy into the polymer melt during its processing. Consequently, the molecular organization of the polymer melt is altered with the creation of flow-enhanced morphological structures which have a beneficial impact on the end performances of the polymer article being produced.  This enables light weighting, better barrier performance and improved mixing of virgin and recycled material. In doing so the Keiryo Packaging Technology improves the environmental sustainability of polymer-based packaging.
Keiryo Packaging Technologies is incorporated in Luxemburg and headquartered at 488 route de Longwy, Luxemburg.

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