Keiryo Packaging Technologies raises 1M€ seed capital to accelerate the engineering development phase of its sustainable PET bottle manufacturing process.


The Keiryo Packaging technology modifies the morphological structure and performance of polymers during the injection process. A 3D printed metal insert is retrofitted into existing Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) machinery and allows to reduce the environmental footprint and manufacturing cost of PET bottles.

The development of the patented technology has reached the engineering phase and is implemented in collaboration with French preform and bottle manufacturer PDG-Plastiques. The objective of the engineering phase is to define the full scope of the performance enhancement generated by the Keiryo technology as well as to prepare the technology for commercial roll out. Seed funding is provided by Dragonfly Invest and Olidipoli.

Stefan Descheemacker, managing director Olidipoli: ‘As CEO and Board member of large FMCG’s, I know how business critical it is to improve the sustainability of packaging. However, sustainability solutions will only be widely implemented when they make business sense and address all aspects relevant to their adoption. The Keiryo project has thoughtfully considered all these aspects and the management has demonstrated strong execution on plan. The packaging industry and brand owners need innovators like Keiryo Packaging Technologies to generate meaningful improvements in both the environmental and economic sustainability of their supply chain.’

Christophe d’Ansembourg, Chairman Dragonfly Invest: ‘As a professional investor with 30 years of experience I have a growing interest in projects that not only generate financial return but also create a positive environmental and societal impact. KP’s mission, strategy and execution so far strongly resonate with my objectives. I firmly believe KP will create value for its customer base and the wider community by improving the sustainability profile of polymer-based packaging.

Johan Robbrecht, Founding and Managing Partner of Keiryo Packaging Technologies SA : ‘Dragnofly Invest and Olidipoli have supported the KP technology project since its inception. We are very proud of their renewed support now that the project enters the engineering phase. The partnership with PDG-Plastique provides the ideal platform for our engineering phase and already generates strong interest from brand owners and other stakeholders in the packaging supply chain.’

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Keiryo Packaging Technologies is developing a patented polymer processing technology which introduces well-designed mechanical energy into the polymer melt during its processing. Consequently, the molecular organization of the polymer melt is altered with the creation of flow-enhanced morphological structures which have a beneficial impact on the end performances of the polymer article being produced.  This enables light weighting, better barrier performance and improved mixing of virgin and recycled material. In doing so the Keiryo Packaging Technology improves the environmental sustainability of polymer-based packaging.

Keiryo Packaging Technologies is incorporated in Luxemburg and headquartered at 488 route de Longwy, Luxemburg.

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