Keiryo Packaging Technologies and PDG-Plastiques sign a technology development agreement.


The partnership will lead to the commercialization of a new PET injection stretch Blow moulding process for PET bottles that reduces the manufacturing cost and improves the environmental performance of the bottle.

The patented Keiryo Packaging Technologies solution modifies the morphological structure and performance of polymers during the injection process. A 3D printed metal insert is retrofitted  at low cost into existing Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) machinery. 

The aim of the technology development programme is to define the full range of performance enhancement generated by the Keiryo technology as well as to establish its readiness for a large-scale industrial roll out.

François Desfretier, CEO of PDG-Plastiques: ‘PDG-Plastique has a well-established track record of developing and implementing sustainable and profitable packaging solutions. The technology developed and patented by Keiryo meets these criteria and has the potential to become the new standard for the PET ISBM process. Its development will enable PDG-Plastiques to offer to our customers PET preforms and bottles at the cutting edge of the environmental and cost performance.’

Johan Robbrecht, Founder and Managing Partner of Keiryo Packaging Technologies SA: ‘PDG Plastiques is geared towards innovation and has a top-level manufacturing facility. It is therefore the ideal partner to move the keiryo technology towards the next stages of our development process.’

PDG-Plastiques develops and produces, since 1990, preforms and PET bottles for water, fruits juices, soft drinks as well as cleaning and health care products. It is the market leader in France for PET preforms destined to the diary market. Its mission is to bring innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to customers. The company is family owned and based in Malesherbes (France) and has production sites in France and Algeria.  
Keiryo Packaging Technologies is developing a patented polymer processing technology which introduces well-designed mechanical energy into the polymer melt during its processing. Consequently, the molecular organization of the polymer melt is altered with the creation of flow-enhanced morphological structures which have a beneficial impact on the end performances of the polymer article being produced.  This enables light weighting, better barrier performance and improved mixing of virgin and recycled material. In doing so the Keiryo Packaging Technology improves the environmental sustainability of polymer-based packaging.

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